This platform is designed to help, guide and provide aspiring calisthenics athletes like yourself (of all levels) to achieve success in calisthenics. The Bodysthenics coaches (with their combined 10 years of experience) will help YOU skip the process of trial and error in your training by offering you the chance to be personally coached.


Hear what our athletes have to say!

These people have been amazing to me. The amount of knowledge offered to me is incredible. They’re always there and always answering my questions. Thank you Bodysthenics!


I can’t even imagine where I would be if I hadn’t started the training with George and Jonny. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate the help and the corrections I get each time I am trying to learn a new skill. Thank you so much!


When I was training on my own I was not making any progress, but I can happily say that ever since training with Jonny and the Bodysthenics team I made incredible progress over the past couple of months. The knowledge that they provide is invaluable.


Ever since training with Bodysthenics I noticed quick progress, broke many plataues and increased overall strength. There’s always a reason behind each exercise and they cover every small detail so that I perfect the technique of each exercise. I’ve enjoyed every workout that has been given to me.


Already since working with Bodysthenics I’ve completely redesigned the way I train and have gained a greater understanding of how to use my body when training Calisthenics and I’ve seen significant strength gains in a very short period of time.


Bodysthenics has impacted me quite drastically. Compared to other programs, I’ve seen very rapid improvement and have increased my body awareness and strength.


With the help of the Bodysthenics team I really strengthened my Front Lever and also unlocked the one arm pull-up. I recommend Bodysthenics to ANYONE looking to take their Calisthenics strength and skills to the next level.


Well worth it. By far took my training to the next level. I have improved in all aspects. Thank you Bodysthenics!



The portal will be the platform through which you will receive your workouts and corrections from your trainer. You will have access to the portal and all its additional features as soon as you sign up and become a member after your free video call.


Hear what our athletes have to say!

The journey has been incredible. I started off as a beginner and now I am working towards my Muscle Up and Front Lever. What I really like is that there’s a detailed training plan specifically tailored to your own goals.


Bodysthenics has made a tremendous impact on my progress in Calisthenics. The programming is fantastic. The feedback, tips, instruction and communication is top level. Definitely recommend!


Bodysthenics has pushed me forward very much in a very short time. I’ve improved my form greatly. The attention to detail and explanation is fantastic.


I made so much progress. The workouts are great and the explanation is very detailed. If you want to take your Calisthenics skills to the next level I definitely recommend Bodysthenics. Thank you!


Definitely worth it! There’s so much training and coaching experience. They point out every small mistake and help me correct them and hence improve my form and technique. I never thought I could make so much progress so fast. I am very happy with what this journey has offered.


Ever since the first workout I’ve already seen a huge difference. Thanks to Bodysthenics I corrected my mistakes and saw a great increase in strength and improvement with my skills!


One of the best decisions I’ve made. I can feel my strength just going up. It’s fun, it’s challenging and feedback is always there. Highly recommend it.



Through our powerful platform, your coach will tailor your workouts for you. He will teach you all about the most detailed and effective training techniques and show you can to apply them into your own training regime.


Understand which exercises are the right ones for you and your goals.

  • Learn how to identify mistakes in your training which can potentially lead you to injury.

  • Learn how to adjust the small but vital mechanical errors in every exercise you perform.


Apply corrective techniques into your training. Achieve perfect form and as a result progress faster.

  • Our powerful coaching platform will provide you with the necessary mental cues which will help you engage the right muscle groups for any skill goal or movement which you have set for yourself.

  • You will learn how to completely eliminate random training styles and risky trial and error forever from your training.


Our coaches will structure the most correct and effective calisthenics workouts for you and your goals by combining statics, power moves and basics in order for you to see real progress.

  • No need to think about or guess your next workout. Your coach will prepare and structure each workout on your desired training days.

  • Every exercise you perform will be corrected, monitored, assessed and adjusted according to your performance.


If you are an aspiring Calisthenics athlete who has been struggling to:

  • Create your own calisthenics workout regime (short-term or long-term).

  • Select the right exercises (i.e choosing the right progressions etc.)

  • Apply correct muscle engagement and execution in order to achieve perfect form.

…then our powerful Online Coaching platform is definitely for you.

Through this platform and coaching experience you will be set on the correct path in achieving real, fast and safe Calisthenics progress.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can request to move the missed training session by informing your trainer at least 8 hours before the missed workout, and move it to the next free day.

For a beginner,  the floor and the wall are a great start, however if you are serious about progressing in calisthenics then it’s wise to invest in yourself (if you are training at home) with a pull-up bar and low parrallettes or tall equalizer parallel bars. If you have access to a calisthenics park or gym in your local area, both those options usually cover a calisthenics athletes’ equipment needs.

We recommend training a minimum of 3 times a week. However depending on your commitment, level and goals training days during the week can vary from 3-6 times a week.

Our trainers are committed and have dedicated all their time to the sport and every athlete in the Bodysthenics Global family. In order to protect their time and effort refunds are not available.

Bodysthenics is not liable for any unfortunate situation of injury of any athlete. However every athlete is entitled to a 1 week freeze period per month (30 days) of training period. If any other reason is presented as a request for a freeze of membership, this should be done so via direct communication with your trainer.

Disclaimer: All training/coaching will take place via bodysthenics.com training portal. it’s your responsibility as an online athlete to provide your workout videos to your trainer. For you to be able to progress and benefit from online coaching you must provide your videos in order for your trainer to monitor, assess, correct and provide feedback regarding your training performance. If you fail to do so, unfortunately you will not be able to benefit from the power offered by our coaching portal. Be sure to communicate with your trainer at anytime if you have questions about your training videos.